Hello and welcome to my website and blog! The main focus of this website is the blog, where I write about data engineering and other things IT related. I also write about some mathematics and physics topics that interest me.

Who am I?

A picture of Dan Lilja

I'm a Senior Data Engineer working for Combient Mix. At Combient Mix I work on both internal projects and external projects for our clients. Doing this I have mostly worked with the Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms using Python, C#, Kubernetes and Docker. I also have experience working with Hadoop, Spark and Ansible and in addition to my data engineering work I have also taught data science.

Besides my vocational experience I'm also an avid user of Linux and I enjoy functional programming in Scala and Haskell. Additionally, I have a strong background in mathematics, especially in the fields of dynamical systems, which was the subject of my PhD thesis, and differential geometry and topology, which were the subject of my master thesis. I also have a keen interest in physics.


The subject of my PhD thesis is dynamical systems with a particular focus on renormalization of exact symplectic twist maps of the plane and their invariant Cantor sets. Dynamical systems describe how objects and their properties change with respect to time. For example it can describe the motion of a particle under the influence of a force such as gravity, how the concentrations of various substances change during a chemical reaction or how the number of fish in a lake changes from year to year. For more information on dynamical systems in general and my thesis in particular there will be a series of blog posts about it.

Before doing my PhD in dynamical systems I was mostly focused on differential geometry and topology with my master thesis being on the subject of Legendrian approximations in contact geometry. For more information about this topic watch out for another series of blog posts.